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JLM - Lubricant for Todays Cars

At JLM, we have developed a complete range of fuel additives and technical lubricants with a difference, using the latest additive technology available in creating lubricants for today’s cars.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner
Suitable for all DPF filter types, JLM DPF Cleaner is added to the fuel tank every service interval for maximum cleaning power of the DPF. It can also be added to the tank to clean blocked filters (1st stage warning light) and enables full filter regeneration in difficult drive cycles (I.e city driving).

  • Ensures long term durability of filter systems.
  • Facilitates passive regeneration across a wider temperature range.
  • Prevents run-away regeneration which can otherwise damage filter substrate.
  • Minimizes unscheduled maintenance costs.
  • Add 100ml JLM DPF Cleaner to 60 litre diesel fuel before or after filing. For best results use regularly.