Diesel Fuel

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Diesel Fuel

With our commitment to provide excellent all rounded services to our customers, we supply diesel fuels to meet our customers’ operational needs. We currently supply SPC and CALTEX high speed ultra low sulphur diesel fuels.

We provide specialized diesel storage tanks to facilitate bulk supply of diesel fuels, which come accessorized with hose, discharge analog meter and discharging nozzle. To improve on mobility, we also provide for topping up of diesel fuels into your equipments and vehicles via our Diesel Refueling truck.

At Unigrade Trading, we believe in providing prompt and efficient delivery services at competitive rates.


AdBlue® is a product of international application that has been jointly created by representatives of the petroleum, chemical and vehicle manufacturing industries and their suppliers. AdBlue® is a non toxic, clear, synthetically manufactured solution to be used as a reducing agent for SCR systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction) in EURO4/5, types of diesel-powered vehicles ( Mercedes, FUSO etc ).It is transported in a supplementary tank on the truck . A guarantee for the catalytic converter can only be given if AdBlue® is used. AdBlue® is in no way a hazardous material and is graded in the lowest water hazard class 1.

BASF AdBlue® is available in various packing sizes as follows: 10 litre, 1000 litre.